Five celeb Instagrams to follow through Coachella

OK, so it's not like being there yourself - the perma-thump of a bassline, the smell of sandal-churned grass, the mesmermising amount of style on show considering you're hanging around a field. But this is the next best thing.

Assuming you're not jumping on a jet plane and heading along to Indio California, here are the top five celebs / Coachella stalwarts to follow on Instagram this weekend.

1: Diane Kruger

Gladiator sandal and hat enthusiast Kruger is a regular at the festival, and is fond of many a behind-the-scenes snap.

2: Vanessa Hudgens
The actress always embraces the boho look at Coachella, and she managed to dodge paps in the past by donning blonde locks. Expect wide brimmed sun hats, oversized sunnies, crochet crop tops and micro short shorts. While she didn't make the festival last year due to work commitments (she was appearing onstage in Broadway), rumour has it she'll be attending this year.


3: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
The British actress/model/missus of Jason Statham isn't afraid of getting her crisp white designer threads dirty at a festival; she opted for this Chloe number last year. Expect backstage pics with the likes of Kate Bosworth.


4: Kate Bosworth

It's not all about the clothes, you know... Spare a thought for the little things, like placing a plait in your parting. This is why Bosworth is definitely worth following for the weekend.

And when she's not posting close up shots of her hair, she's sharing full-length photos of her with her fellah.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio
One of the more prolific posters to Instagram during the festival, sure why wouldn't you follow at Victoria's Secret model and all her mates for the weekend?


Do you have Coachella fomo? Will you be following these celebs for some summer style inspo?

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