Feeling the pressure? Here's a 2-minute relaxation technique

If you're as close to high doe as we are, this 2-minute relaxation technique might help ease the stress a bit.

Oh God, oh God! There's pretty much only a week left till Christmas, and we are feeling that pressure. Even though the presents are bought and dinner is planned, amongst the giddiness and excitement is stress. But, even though we know we have to watch our wellness and stay mindful, we don't all have the bloody time!

There is no way I can leave the office just to breathe. I have to buy my lunch, eat my lunch, do some bits and bobs because I won't get to the shops after work. Because after work, I'll be meeting people or having Skype chats with friends abroad. This means, of course, I don't have much time in my 'free' time to rebalance my chakra.

I came across this video on YouTube and it is a little saviour. You literally take two minutes out of your busy schedule - doable - and let the lovely Rosalie guide you through a quick meditation.

It's mainly just taking deep breaths, but a guide can really help you concentrate.


Since last week, we've kept this tab open on our phones and have been playing it about three times a day. Eventually, we'll be able to guide ourselves and just take some time out that won't waste time.

It is so important to look after yourself at this time of year. The pressure is on to enjoy yourself but it's also a difficult time. Memories are enhanced, feelings are supercharged. Remember that you don't have to have a 'perfect' time this Christmas - perfect doesn't exist.

Be mindfull, be calm, be you. And breathe.

Do you have any techniques you use to relax or stop yourself from becoming too overwhelmed?


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