Five reminders of why dogs are just the best #NationalDogDay

Dogs are the best and it's a known fact. One of the greatest achievements of the internet is that it has proliferated the amount of amazing madras that we can see on a daily basis, with some even reaching celebrity status (we're talking about you, Boo).

But not all good dogs need to be celebrity dogs, and in honour of National Dog Day, here are five reminders of why they're so great.

  • Dog uses trampoline to hop fence and follow his owner to work

It's a simple fix, he'll just have to bring his dog everywhere he goes for the rest of his life, easy.

Paddy, a collie, is slightly on the clingly side. He doesn't call his owner Thomas constantly, or bombard him with text messages, nor does he get insanely jealous when he sees him talking/dancing with other dogs.

No, nothing weird like that, he just wants constant contact, so much so that he uses a trampoline to springboard himself over a fence, so he can follow Thomas to work. I can't see too many of his colleagues complaining about having an office dog, we've been demanding one for months.


  • Dogs react to magic tricks exactly like humans

They say dogs are silly, but to be totally honest, they're way smarter than you think. This little video of a Finnish magician playing a trick on several dogs just goes to show you why. The Japanese Shiba clocks the trick straight away and they're having none of it.

We're hoping the guy gave them the treat in the end, though. Otherwise this is just mean and tormenting the little dudes.


  • Dogs make incredible models for dogsitter while owners are away

We really hope they tipped this guy well because he deserves it.


Wilson's owners went on a 10 day holiday and left him behind in the care of one very enthusiastic and creative carers who sent daily video updates of him in all manner of genius guises. The only one that's missing is a 'Castaway' Willllllllsoooooooooon!".


  • Dogs aren't afraid to fight for what they want

When people say they're fighting like cats and dogs, they obviously meant these two.

Pixel - which is a great name for a dog, by the way - is in a constant battle with Czika for control of the only bed in this house.

At this stage, we think their owners are purposefully NOT buying a second one so these two can duke it out for supremacy.

Better yet, can we get Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to do some colour commentary over this? That'd be cool.


  • Dogs are absolutely, 100% batshit and unapologetic about it

You wouldn't think this would be as entertaining as it it, but it's nice to be proven wrong every now and then right?

Oscar Filho is a Brazilian actor and comedian and his video from 2012 of him impersonating his friend's dog is quite something. As people have discovered, the joy that is watching a man imitate a dog to its face is one that gives and gives.



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