Goodbye Selfie Stick, Hello Selfie Arm

The selfie stick has gotten a lot of bad press recently, getting banned from museums and sporting stadiums alike, so now it's time to to ditch it and go instead for the latest in selfie technology: the selfie arm.

Designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe have come together to invent a new concept  that makes sure that you can at least appear to have a friend who holds your hand while you take a snap. The selfie arm looks like a human limb, but holds your phone so that you can capture that unforgettable moment that you spent on your own somewhere and make other people look at it by putting it on your social media pages.

Pics via Aric Snee/

Snee and Crowe have only made this as a prototype, but it's lightweight and portable thanks to the fact that it's made of fiberglass. However, it does look a little bit like the severed, undead hand of a zombie because it's a bit grey.


Pic via Aric Snee/

It won't be going in to mass production though, as it is a rather sarcastic commentary on the phenomenon of the selfie, which has brought us the selfie stick, and the "constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation" that people seem to have these days. That said, we wouldn't be surprised if someone actually runs with or "borrows" this idea and gives their brand of selfie stick a more human look.

Would you consider snapping a selfie with something that looks like a hand, or do you hate the selfie stick altogether?

Via Designboom, Mashable. Main pic via Aric Snee.

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