Government Wants To Ban Wine Under €10

At this stage, it's basically like the Government doesn't want ANYONE to have any fun.

A report due to be submitted today from an Oireachtas committee on health will include a plan for the government to introduce minimum unit pricing on the sale of alcohol.

If the findings are enacted, it would see a bottle being sold for no less than €10, with an upper limit at €1.10 per unit.

Minimum unit pricing, as its known, has been mooted for quite some time, with many health professionals believing it's necessary to combat problem drinking in Ireland.

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Ireland currently has some of the highest prices for alcohol in the EU, with the likes of Poland, Spain and Hungary at the lower end of the spectrum.

Doctors insist that the price-hike on booze will have a knock-on effect on the public health, particularly when it comes to cheap alcohol sold in supermarkets.

The move comes as pub chain Wetherspoons, known for their below-cost prices on alcohol, are set to make a move into Cork and other areas of Dublin.

What do you think? Should a minimum price on alcohol be enforced? Let us know in the comments!

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