Graham Norton is Back - and he's back with a Bang

Graham Norton has been on his holliers these last few months but thankfully now he is returning to his rightful spot this week. Friday nights just haven't been the same without him.

So who will be joining him on his first show of the season?

It's a great couch we must say with actor Matt Damon joining Graham for a chat alongside Jessica Chastain who will be in talking about their upcoming sci-fi blockbuster The Martian, which sees an astronaut (Damon) presumed dead and left to fend for himself on Mars.

Correct us if we are wrong but we're pretty sure the last time Damon was on the couch was that hilarious show with Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville which still goes down as our favourite Graham Norton yet.

Joining those two will be Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard who will be on talking about her portrayal of Lady Macbeth in the latest film version of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, which she stars in alongside Michael Fassbender.


And finally, a bit of a legend will be on the couch as comedian, musician and actor Bill Bailey will join Graham.

While music will be provided by The Weeknd who'll be performing the summer hit Can't Feel My Face, which is probably stuck in your head already after just reading that sentence.


Yep, it's settled, we're staying in!

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