This grandma is NOT impressed with Rihanna's Work

Modern pop music will invariably go over the heads of the older generation.

You can't really expect your Granny to understand the nuances of Hotline Bling or Work - how could they? Nevertheless, you still get moments like this where you have grandparents trying to make sense of it all.

Enter this old lady from famed YouTube channel 3GoldenSisters, who attempts to do a live reading of Rihanna's Work.

How does it go? How do you think it goes?


In fairness to Rihanna, she does sing using Bajan-Creole dialect so it can definitely be hard to understand - regardless of whether you're 85 or not.

Also, that bit at the end cracked us up. "You hungry? You wanna eat?" You really can't walk out of your granny's house without being fed.

Via YouTube


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