Guess the Fate of Those Strangers Who Married on iRadio...

This was a bizarre radio stunt if we ever heard one. Athlone's iRadio had two strangers get married earlier this month in a competition called “Three Strangers".

It saw a bride, picked by the public, who had to choose between one of two grooms to marry on the day of her wedding, neither of whom she had met before. Yep, arranged marriages are pretty much a radio competition in Ireland now. What a time to be alive.

Anyways, it's all gone tits up in what must be the shortest marriage in Irish history as the couple called it quits just two days into their honeymoon in Turkey as they 'didn't feel a spark'.

Ann Marie O'Neill and Nigel Finegan are the couple in question, Ann Marie told The Sun that the pair had a 'heart to heart' and came to the decision.

Ann Marie went on to say; "I'm not that naive, I sensed it anyway but I was willing to give it a go and see what happens. But we needed.... to just be honest with each other."


"We all wanted the fairytale," Nigel said."We do get on really well but there just wasn't much of a spark."

"I still believe in love", Ann-Marie added, "but I was invested in this and it is disappointing. I won't be rushing out looking for love anytime soon."

Surely this is the wrong country to do this kind of stunt in though considering our complicated divorce laws. Don't you have to be separated for four years or have to dance around a tree naked in Kilkenny or the like before you're granted a divorce here?

We have a LOT of questions.

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