Can a supplement really make a difference to your gut health?

Everybody is talking about gut health at the moment. A happy gut is a happy person!

Gut health is on everyone's mind at the moment. It's not surprising since the gut has been dubbed the 'second brain'. There's been a lot of talk about gut health lately, which is only a good thing because more people than ever before have issues with their gut. IBS, for instance, once a disorder that people kept top secret, is now in the news. Despite its 'embarrassing' symptoms (bloating, cramps, diarrhoea), we're talking about it because it's not a rare disease. It's a common disorder, and it can affect anyone.

'Gut problems' aren't always straight-up IBS, though. If your gut is not performing to its top capacity, it can affect your mood. You can develop skin problems. It can even contribute to depression. Barry Smith, founder of Symprove, a gut health supplement explains that "since 1941, half the western world’s microbiome has been lost because of the use of antibiotics. We have overused this amazing resource, through the use of caesarean births, through sterile living and work environments, poor eating habits and a sedate lifestyle."

Gut problems cannot be fixed overnight, but they can be improved by adopting a healthy diet, with exercise and by 'good old-fashioned digging in the dirt.' It is hard for anyone to balance their gut, and many, many people have issues that may not realise is related to their gut. And that's why it's in the news. A happier gut makes for a happier person and while it may take some time to achieve, finding that balance is not impossible.

Gut problems are more common than you think


It's always best to locate the source of your gut problems; even everyday stress can contribute to its unbalancing, and a change of pace alone can make the world of difference. We had a chat in the office, and almost everyone had stomach issues. One member said that when she goes shopping, she always considers clothes that will be kind to the bloat. Another had a terrible experience in a public bathroom with a rude member of the public that she limited her time out of the house altogether. This Team Beaut member had mild enough symptoms, but symptoms that she noticed so she signed up to try Symprove's 12-week programme and she reported great results. She said that her bloating noticeably decreased and that her bowel movements were far more regular.

Unlike other supplements, Symprove is water-based, and it contains four unique strains of live activated bacteria that work together to target your gut quickly and effectively. Because it is water-based, it doesn’t trigger digestion, and since the bacteria is live, it has a higher survival rate in the hostile environment of your stomach. A University College London study found that Symprove really could "Arrive, Survive and Thrive" (the three basic targets a supplement should hit) in targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively.

Depending on the level of your gut issues, there are multiple ways to help them, including tackling your stress levels and changing your diet. But, supplements for the gut like Symprove can also be beneficial and it may be a good first step.

Do you take supplements? Would you consider taking some for your gut health?

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