The Reasons You Get Jet Lag & All The Ways You Can Prevent It

Ever wondered why you're totally knocked out by long haul air travel even if you've had your feet up and slept the entire time? Well today science has the answer.

Allow Dubliner Kate Mulcahy of Britain's Royal Institution to explain via science what jet lag actually is, and how you can keep it from ruining your holidays this and every year.

There are a lot of big words and mentions of brain cells and neurotransmitters but the long and short is that different time zones mess with your inner clock and the best way to counter it is to preempt your time warp by either sleeping earlier or later depending on which way you're traveling on the days leading up to your flight, adjusting as you go. Kate explains it better because she's a scientist and very smart (yay Ireland!) so maybe we'll let her do the talking.


Via YouTube

Do you have a trick to beat the lag? Do you add an extra couple of days to your trip abroad - or when you come back from it - to allow for your body to adjust?

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