Here's Tonight's Late Late Show Lineup...

The Late Late Show kicked off for the season last week and our Friday night's have returned to form once more. Whether you are slagging it off or enjoying it, it's pretty difficult to avoid.

So who's joining Ryan for a chat tonight? Well he will have the one and only Naomi Campbell on, who was in Dublin this week as she was revealed as the face of Newbridge Silverware, which was undoubtedly her dream gig. (Ahem.)

Ryan will also be chatting to TV chef Derry Clarke and his wife Sally Anne who remember their son Andrew in the aftermath of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Aslan front man Christy Dignam proves recent rumours about his demise have been greatly exaggerated.


Also tonight, David McWilliams tells Ryan about the Irish people who made a killing in the recession.

And finally, comedian Al Porter will be keeping things light as he tells Ryan about his jaunt to Stradbally last weekend for Electric Picnic.

So there you have it. Could be worse...

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