How is Lorde Among The Internet's Top Ten 'Most Dangerous' Celebs?

Does this face look dangerous to you? Does the thought of Betty White's angelic smile fill you with abject fear?! Does the notion of Jay Z send you over the edge?! These three poor souls have been confirmed as the most dangerous people on the internet. Others include Katy Perry and Amy Schumer, while Armin van Buuren has replaced Jimmy Kimmel in the top "most dangerous" spot.

But why? What are they going to do to you from the safety of your computer screen? In short, they're going to infect you. Or at least redirect your eyes to something grim. A release from Intel states: "Armin van Buuren is the first DJ and the third male, following Brad Pitt in 2008 and Jimmy Kimmel in 2014, to find his way to the No. 1 spot (moving up from No. 2 in 2014)."

Seemingly Van Buuren's search results are "rather startling". According to the company, "Nearly 1 in 5 results generated by Armin van Buuren searches are links to malicious sites."

Us Weekly adds that the EDM DJ is among a load of musical sorts, including "country superstar Luke Bryan, hip-hop mogul Jay Z, and New Zealand's pop prodigy Lorde. 'Seven of the top 10 are musical artists, ranging from EDM artists to country, hip hop and pop,' Intel notes.

Popstars who didn't make the top 10, but "are still considered dangerous" include Justin Bieber (No. 11), Rihanna (No. 12), Jennifer Lopez and Kenny Chesney (tied at No. 13), and Selena Gomez (No. 14). Kanye West and Miley Cyrus are more innocent in nature, taking the 16th and 19th spots, respectively.


What's most surprising is that no Kardashian or Jenner grace the top ten. Kylie Jenner landed the 24th spot, making her more dangerous than sister Kim, who landed in at no. 28.

Observe the Top Ten list in all its glory below.

  • Armin van Buuren, 17.92%
  • Luke Bryan, 17.64%
  • Usher, 16.67%
  • Britney Spears, 16.39%
  • Jay Z, 15.83%
  • Katy Perry, 14.86%
  • Amy Schumer, 14.72%
  • Betty White, 14.03%
  • Lorde, 13.61%
  • Nina Dobrev, 13.19%

Have you ever clicked on a link about Lorde and got something dodgy in return?

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