How to Deal With Moving Back In With Your Parents

Amid this wonderful housing crisis we find ourselves in, many of us have to move back in with our parents to save a few bob.    

In case you were living under a rock, houses are crazy expensive these days. The only chance most of us have in saving for a mortgage deposit is to move back in with mammy and daddy for a year or two. We are the boomerang generation, after all!  After living independently for a few years, the move back home can feel like a step backwards, but I can assure you it's not all that bad.   

That being said, figuring out how to respect your parents' home, while still maintaining your independence can be difficult. Here are some words of wisdom I can pass on after experiencing it for myself; hopefully, they'll make the move a bit easier for you.  

Don't be ashamed  

As a grown adult, it can feel quite shameful when we move home. When the fella you're trying to get the shift off in Grogan's asks you where you live, it can feel mortifying when you have to say you live with mammy and daddy. But, look it's 2020. We all know that it's tough out there to get your own house. You shouldn't feel ashamed; you should feel empowered that you are making a temporary move to help work towards securing your future home. And in fairness, living with your parents for a while, instead of paying €800 per month for a box room and living with an annoying housemate makes way more sense when trying to save.  

Put a plan in place  

Have your exit strategy in place from the get-go. Spend some time working out how long you will need to save up for your deposit or to get back on your feet, and let your parents know. This will help put both of your minds at ease that this living situation isn't permanent. Similarly, come to an agreement with regards to paying rent, contributing to groceries and lay down any ground rules. This will help to avoid any disagreements down the line.   

You will become a teenager again  


No matter how long you have lived away from home, you will regress to your teen self once you move home. Little things your parents do will get under your skin, and you will probably have mood swings 16-year-old you would be proud of. Just remember you are now an adult; try your best to behave like one and pick your battles wisely.   

Be respectful   

Their house, their rules. If you are planning on having your fella or missus over for a sleepover, be sure to ask your parents first if it's ok. I know you are an adult and asking your parents' permission can seem demeaning. But it's showing respect to them, and their home and they will be grateful for it. Similarly, if you are planning on not coming home one evening, just give your folks the heads up. Be a good housemate and don't be loud in the evenings and for the love of God, clean up after yourself!   

Help out   

Your parents are helping you out by letting you move back in, and it's nice to return the favour. Help out around the house, by doing your share of chores. Similarly, offer to cook dinner a few nights a week or run some errands for your mam. This will make your parents feel appreciated and that their hospitality isn't being taken for granted.  

Enjoy it



Use this time as an opportunity to get to know your parents, like really know them. Spend time with your mam and dad and develop your relationship with them on a deeper level. Living with your parents as an adult can be difficult at times, but it can also be gratifying. The relationship you have with your folks as an adult is totally different than when you were a teen. If you use this time to nurture that bond, you will find the time pass way quicker, and you may even have fun along the way!   

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