How to reach your fitness and health goals without losing motivation

Whether you are setting goals for fitness, career progression or saving money, it’s so important to be as realistic as possible. This doesn’t mean you aren’t striving for greatness; it means you are setting achievable goals that you are less likely to quit on.

When we first set a goal, we are full of energy and determination. Many of us, including myself over the years, lose motivation over time and end up not reaching that final target. That feeling of reaching a goal is so good that we should set lots of little ones along the way; it’s such a confidence boost when we smash it too.

I like to write my goals down and for the last few years have been using the SMART way to set them. This is basically a five-step method to goal setting and sets you up for a successful outcome. What does SMART stand for, let go through it step by step now. The goal example here is a genuine goal from a real client. I’ll be helping her achieve this and tracking her progress over time, stay tuned to see how she gets on!


  • S = Specific

Clearly define the goal. Exactly what is it you want to achieve? Get fit isn’t going to cut it. Example: I want to be able to do three pull-ups.


  • M = Measurable

This means that you should be able to clearly measure your progress. Example: This will be easy to measure with just a pull-up bar.


  • A = Action

This means you should outline specific steps that will enable you to successfully complete your goal. Example: I am going to start doing more back exercise that will make me stronger, I will also start doing some sort of pull-up variation (negative pullups, etc.)



  • R = Realistic

Unfortunately, when it comes to body fat, fitness and heath we all tend to make the same mistakes. We are unrealistic and set ourselves these unhealthy quick fix goals. Please don’t do this; setting unattainable health goals is not just going to annoy you when you don’t reach it but can actually be bad for your health long-term too. Example: Pull-ups are extremely hard for women, my client who has set this goal has already a good level of strength and fitness built up from doing other back and shoulder exercises.


  • T = Time

This means you should set deadlines that will keep you on track. Example: I have set myself a time of three months.


I hope this helps you set realistic goals not only in your fitness life but your life in general. Setting realistic goals, following the SMART program and making a genuine effort to attain your goal is a solid way to develop the healthy habits that will keep you on the right track. Let’s all set a goal today and achieve it. Who’s in?

Until next time…

Fi x

Metabolic Fitness Trainer


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