Huge news for Take That fans on the band's 25th anniversary

Take That fans are in for the treat they've long been yearning for: Robbie Williams is confirmed for the band's 25th Anniversary Tour.

The whole gang, back together again (minus Jason but to be fair, what did he really do?); we're not sure we'll be able to keep it together. We hope there are matching outfits galore, step haircuts,shower heads on stage, and several throwbacks to the crazy Take That videos of days gone by. This is a tour not to be missed.

The news of Robbie's return was confirmed by Howard Donald via The Sun. What's more, he also revealed that himself, Barlow and Williams were planning on writing some new material in time for the tour (but let's hope there's plenty of golden oldies in the mix too).

“We’ve been in touch with Jason and we’ve been in touch with Robbie. Jason is in his place where he is now and he’s not got any intention at the moment to be back in the band," Howard said to The Sun.

“Whereas Robbie - we’ve been talking to Robbie about it, and it might be that if we do a 25th anniversary album, that we do some co-writing or some extra tracks on that." Mark Owen continued, "I think it would be nice to do something with him. In our minds at the moment there’s an intention to do some new tracks, a greatest hits album and a tour, then we’ll see.”


Via The Mirror


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