If Bill Hader Loves the Irish Accent So Much Why is He So Bad at It?

We thought we'd suffered enough international humiliation today at the hands of Buzzfeed, but no, Bill Hader is also here to rile up our patriotic spirit.

Hader was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night talking about 'Trainwreck' and his press tour for it which, unless you live under a rock, will know took in Dublin last week. And seeing as Bill is such a fan of us and our little country, he decided to bring it up with Meyers and regaled him with a tale of some Irish 'Inside Out' fans who asked him for autographs while he was here and managed to throw shade all over our accent because apparently he 'loves' it so much.

You'd think that loving the accent would make him somewhat decent at it but no. Hader's Irish accent is dire.

Does anyone have Colin Farrell's number so we can send him round to give him a slap?


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