Why the internet is going completely batsh*t crazy for these storage bags

God help us, these storage bags are the latest craze on t'interwebs

Every so often I come across something on the internet that makes me think that the world is both batsh*t crazy and brilliant. And this week, this honour goes to storage bags. Yes, storage bags. Stay with me.

Created by Japanese brand YOU+MORE! from Felissimo, these little fellas will set you back €22 and are no ordinary bags.


storage bags

First of all, they have ears. EARS.

storage bag bunny ears


And voilà, you have one of four bunnies in your home.

storage bags bunny 1


storage bags four

Apparently, they are of the Netherland Dwarf, Chinchilla, Miniature rabbit and Holland Lop Ear varieties but given that I am not a lapine enthusiast, I cannot speak to the accuracy.

But bonus points if you stick whiskers on 'em.


*images via Felissimo

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