Irish Actress Ruth Negga's TV series 'Preacher' Picked up by AMC

Things are really happening for Ruth Negga stateside now that her latest foray into TV has been picked up by major US network. The Love/Hate actress and theatre stalwart starred in Seth Rogen's comic-book inspired Preacher, and it's set to get ten episodes.

According to The Independent: "The show is based on writer Garth Ennis and illustrator Steve Dillon's popular 1995 comic book series. It tells the story of a preacher called Jesse who's possessed by a demon called Genesis and embarks on adventures with his criminal ex-girlfriend, who is played by Negga."

Producer Rogen took to twitter to share the good news, saying...


An added bonus is that Negga's actor boyfriend, Dominic Cooper, is also starring in the show - so they get to spend LOOOOOOADS of time together.

Have you ever worked closely with the love of your life? Was it Heaven sent or the nail in the coffin?

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