Are Jennifer Lawrence and Girl on the Train's Haley Bennett long-lost identical twins?

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence has also been compared in her appearance to a young Helen Mirren, but the resemblance with this other actress is also uncanny. Seriously, they could be twins.

Haley Bennett can be seen in two big films out at the moment, Girl on the Train and The Magnificent Seven.

A lot of people have noticed the similarities between the actresses and commented on them.








Apparently Bennett is aware of the similarities, and has told GQ: ‘Everyone thinks I'm Jennifer Lawrence! It’s hilarious.


‘People are like, ‘Hey, Jen!’ Or I'll just see people whispering to each other. I'm just gonna start charging for autographs. What if I just created like a huge scandal—like did something crazy in public? Jennifer Lawrence takes a pie and smashes it in someone's face!’


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