So Jesy Nelson from Little Mix was in Harry Potter

While the likes of Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake (to name but a few) went from singing to acting, Jesy Nelson has gone and done it the other way around.

The member of hit pop band Little Mix has revealed she actually starred in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire when she was young.

She features as an extra during the Yule Ball scene and when asked about it, she excitedly proclaimed "Yeah, I was in Harry Potter."

Moreover, that’s not the only big movie she’s been in. She also starred in About a Boy, starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult, in 2002.

Jesy added: "I've been in a few others hun, About a Boy with Hugh Grant. You can see me and my little round head."

The other girls teased her saying that they like to pause the movie at the point where Jesy appears – which is in an assembly scene in the school setting – to see her. Here it is:


You can see the interview extract here:

Via Digital Spy

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