Kim Cattrall Would Prefer to See Brendan Gleeson Play Christian Grey

Wow, Brendan must've been flashing some fierce eye twinklage at Kim Cattrall throughout the shooting of The Tiger's Tail (when she broke out that really good Irish accent.) 

Speaking of sex symbol of the moment, Jamie Dornan currently of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, the 58-year-old actress had this to impart: "Maybe it's my age, but he doesn't look like a man to me. He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men...I saw the preview and you know they say in three seconds you can tell if you find someone attractive or not? Well, I just thought, 'no'."

Here's where Brendan makes his entrance: "Now, if he were Brendan Gleeson - well, there's a little something going on there, you know, the twinkle in the eye..."

D'you know what, that's relatable. Jamie is a great man for the underwear shoots, but if you enjoy a giggle with your slap 'n tickle a Gleeson (we're not fussy) would be the way to go.


As for the rumours that SATC will be resurrected for yet another film, Cattrall had these words via The Independent: "Well, Sam is behind the sense that it's over. And whatever speculation there is (about a sequel), there is no script on my desk or anyone else's right now. I miss it sometimes. I feel very nostalgic for it, and the excitement for it."
So, burning question alert, which has invariably been asked many times before - are you nostalgic for SATC, or are you of the opinion that it never should've been made into a film in the first place?

An even more burning question; who would you rather - Jamie Dornan or a go off a Gleeson?

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