The Late Late Show had a karaoke sesh with Richard Gere

Richard Gere is in town this weekend to promote his new film, Time Out Of Mind, which had a gala screening last night in the Savoy, Dublin.

Although Gere was there to promote his new film, people couldn't help bringing up some of his classic roles - such as Pretty Woman and, of course, An Officer And A Gentleman. Sure enough, most people also associate the film with Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes' power ballad, Love Lift Us Up (Where We Belong). And sure enough, it got a few bars from audience members.

No, really. The audience started singing Love Lift Us Up (Where We Belong) at Richard Gere. Who, to be honest, seemed to find the whole thing hilarious.

Take a look.

In fairness to to both of the singers, they were pretty decent but there was something a teensy bit cringe about the whole thing. Twitter, of course, picked up on said cringe.




Will Leahy's right, though. If Leonardo DiCaprio does end up on the Late Late Show, he's definitely going to get either Lovefool or My Heart Will Go On screamed at him by thirty-something women.

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