Monochrome stripes are HUGE this season: are you ready?

You can’t have missed the Spring Summer 2013 trend for stripes. Especially black and white stripes. I've never really been a fan myself - I keep having flashbacks to a pair of black and white cropped trousers that my Mum bought me when I was about nine. I didn't like them, but she did, so she made me wear them to look ‘respectable’. Looking back, they were gorgeous - Inwear, a lovely heavy cotton and a great cut. I think the fact that my sister - a year and a half younger - had them in red, was probably the reason I hated them so much.


But if it’s not your thing either, then look away now, because this monochrome striped trend isn't going anywhere.


Vertical stripes are supposed to be the most slimming, as the long lines help to elongate the body. Horizontal stripes are often thought of as unflattering as they can accentuate your widest part, but a single horizontal stripe can be very slimming. Think of a dark horizontal stripe circling the waist.

This year, designers chose to take stripes to another level by working with them in different directions and in different widths. On a slant, making waves with them, crisscrossing them and mixing horizontal with vertical, these multidirectional stripes made for some amazing designs. And the look is easily recreated. There is a huge selection of stripes, especially in black and white, in all the shops, so you can just go crazy.


Alternatively, you could go for coloured stripes. Black and white was certainly the most prevalent on the runways but there were a lot of coloured stripes too. And you can also mix the whole look up with different colours. Go for subtle stripes by choosing a look that is not all striped.

These gorgeous dresses and jacket from Betty Barclay are perfect to hint at the trend, but not too boldly. The colours are just perfect for spring and summer.

Another way to umph it up (and to make it feel more versatile) is to add a pop of colour with your accessories. A red shoe or a lime bag or a fuchsia neckpiece can totally change the look. Accessories with stripes are even better to keep your look up to date. These wedge sandals from Next will match both trends - colour and monochrome. Bags and scarves are also a great way to rock a trend without wearing it head to toe.

If stripes don't float your boat check out some of the other great looks this season to inspire you. See Rosemary’s post on upcoming trends.

But I think I will have to find something, just to keep myself stylishious! Do like that dress from H&M...


So are you ready for stripes?


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