Mum 'Present Shamed' After Sharing Presents Pic

And this isn't all the presents, BTW, that's just half of them.

Here is the full, unedited photo Emma Tapping shared via her Instagram last week. And now it's become something of a talking point... Tapping captioned it: "#christmastree #christmas #christmas2015 #tistheseason #presents #christmaspresents #december #shopaholic #followforfollow"

To put this into context somewhat, according to reports Emma is a mum-of-three and a "savings blogger" from the UK, so she knows a bargain when she sees one.


Her haul kind of went unnoticed by the world until it was picked up by Take the piss funny pics n vids' Facebook page and made into a meme.


Since it was posted a few days ago, it's gotten over 100k shares and 65,000 likes. People are mainly falling into two camps. Here we've represented them with two of the less rage-filled expletive riddled comments.

On the one hand, we have "Bobby Mahan As a low income parent I have a serious problem with how many toys my kids end up with. I'm not joking.My basement is full and they don't even miss them. When I try to tell agencies I only want a grocery card they act like I'm depriving the kids and foist toys off on us anyway." And "Hey its not the volume of how much, how many gifts u received but the spirit of giving to some kids who are less fortunate than those who are well off right?"

While on the other hand, we have: "If I could afford to do that for my kids, yes, I would. Don't be hating on this tree. Geez."

Emma has since taken to her own FB page defending herself since the pic went viral.

I know this page is going to get busier and I know I am in the papers today so I thought I would set people straight on...

Posted by Thebossmum on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Would you be pressie showerer, or a 'one sheet is plenty' kind of gifter?

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