Natalie Portman on her cover shoot with Ruth Negga - 'She's amazing'

The two actresses recently graced the cover of W magazine in a photograph that looked like the two were about to kiss

Both Natalie Portman and Ruth Negga are nominees for the Best Actress Academy Award, the latter for emotional biopic Loving, out this Friday, and the former for Jackie, based on the life of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, which is out in cinemas now.

Portman appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show to talk about her movie.

She was also asked about the W cover, and she explained how the actresses were initially asked to kiss one another for the shoot, so that when they were asked if they could make it look like they were about to kiss, it seemed like no biggie!

Natalie described the experience as ‘fun’ and said Ruth Negga is ‘amazing’. Kimmel agrees, saying that Negga is ‘fantastic.’


Check out the clip here:


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