Detoxing… it’s something I start with the best of intentions. At regular intervals I become all determined to Get Healthy. Stop Drinking So Much (except water of course). Give Up Coffee. No More Salt. Etc.

But alas I’ve always found that detoxing usually leaves me feeling spotty and headachy. All those promises of clear glowing skin and lustrous hair have come to nothing and found me seeking solace in the largest strongest cup of coffee I could find. Usually accompanied by something substantial made out of chocolate.

But the last time I detoxed, along with the rice cakes and herbal teas, I tried some Ayurveda herbs. And I can tell you that neem capsules work. It’s actually amazing how good your skin becomes and how many compliments I got. And I felt really healthy too!


Now I can't do without my neem fix. And Dr Hauschka does great neem nail oil, neem hair oil and neem handcream so I've added those to my list of must haves as well.

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