Never seen a 35 carat engagement ring before?

As some of you may be aware, Mariah Carey got engaged last Thursday to billionaire businessman James Packer, so it's not exactly surprising that she's got a reported whopper of a bauble as a result. Still, twitter is alight with pics of the rumoured ring, although nobody's actually seen it perched on her finger.

Oh, wait, hang on... this might be it. There's a little spec of something on her ring finger there. Squint hard enough you might see it - or stop it from poking you in the eye from over the other side of the Atlantic.

For those hankering for further details and a close up... It was designed by Wilfredo Rosado from Puerto Rico, and it's HUGE.

As for what it cost? A reported €7million. Well, they do say spend no more than a month's wages on an engagement ring...


Again, congrats to the happy couple - who are both still reportedly technically married to their ex partners. Despite this, Nick Cannon had this by way of felicitations...

When it comes to rings, are you more "the bigger the better!" or "I'd be too freaked about getting ring-jacked, just a band for me"

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