The new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker is fifty kinds of filth

You have to give credit - such as it is - to James Foley, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan when it comes to Fifty Shades Darker

They know what they're about and they realise that it's basically a trashy novel brought to the big screen. With that in mind, it looks like Fifty Shades Darker is going even further down the rabbit hole of cliches, corny dialogue and complete filth for no reason whatsoever.

This new trailer also shows off Kim Basinger's character, Elena Lincoln, for the first time and we get a better look at the possibly creepy ex (or is it a ghost, who knows) in Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's life.

Right, that's enough filler. Here's what you came for. Fifty Shades Darker hits Irish cinemas on February 10th of next year.


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