Louis Tomlinson shares the WORST pic of Niall Horan

Everyone's got that friend who can't help themselves from publicly drawing attention to the very worst pictures of you (and they're usually pics of you with said 'friend' who happens to be looking their hottest at that very moment).

They may be on a 'hiatus' at the moment but that hasn't stopped Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan for continuing their schoolboy hijinks and Tomlinson was at it again last night, setting  '#OhNoNiall' trending internationally.

Louis, who took time out from living it up at the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix yesterday, posted the following perfectly-timed screenshot of Niall to Instagram, much to the delight of One Direction fans everywhere.

We're not even sorry about it, that's one fantastic screenshot.

Fans, of course, went wild.



Via Instagram/Twitter

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