How often you should really be changing your bed clothes

Yes, it is a chore we all do not look forward to. It can equate an actual gym session and then there is the washing, drying and folding of the dirty bedclothes.

But I think we can all agree it feels pretty amazing to hop into a bed with clean fresh sheets.

But how often really should we be changing them?

Research may shock you when it shows we should be changing our bedsheets at the least, weekly.

Every night we shed approx. 1 million skin cells. Which makes for a fantastic home for bed bugs and a lot more like them.

Just think of how much skin cells accumulate after a few days, after a week your sheets become the perfect breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungi.


Most microbiologists would actually suggest you wash them every couple of days. Where are they drying them, that’s what we want to know!?

The bacteria build up between your sheets is so significant it can actually cause allergic responses even if you don’t usually suffer from allergies. It can also cause symptoms of asthma.

If you or a member of your family is unwell it is recommended to wash that person’s bedclothes daily or at the very least their pillow case.

Research says if you fall into any of the below categories every 4/5 days is how often you should be changing your bed.

  • If you eat in bed
  • If you let your pet sleep with you
  • If you have oily skin
  • If you watch TV in bed
  • If you work from home in bed

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