Olivia Wilde throwing her son a Beyonce themed party

"BEYONCE BOOBIES!" We're not being wildly inappropriate, rather making reference to Olivia Wilde's son's term of endearment when it comes to his obsession, Beyonce.

Seemingly the 23-month-old's obsession with the songstress happened on a flight. Mum Olivia needed a "distraction tool" immediately and gave her son her iPad. Unfortunately she had no Elmo or "age appropriate" material - just all of Beyonce's videos. There was one that Otis appreciated in particular, 'Yonce', which isn't for the faint hearted. Since then, the tot has been obsessed, constantly referring to the singer as BEYONCE BOOBIES. Even when he sees her at basketball games.

Therefore, it's only fitting that he should have a Beyonce themed party for his 2nd birthday, and this is where Aunty Ellen steps in with a rather amazing present - although it may be tricky to get into the back of a car...


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