Watch: we know we hated Hello Flo but... vadge and Camp Gyno are hilarious

To think only last week we were bemoaning the state of feminine hygene advertisements .

Check out this ad for Hello Flo, which uses the word 'vagina' AND (my fave) 'vadge' and just generally acknowledges that periods are not, in fact, a blue liquid that results in an insatiable urge to go roller-blading in white trews!

The ad shows a young girl getting her first period at Summer camp, and taking her new role as camp gyno a bit too far. She uses a megaphone to tell a fellow camper she 'knows her cycle' and gives a 'menstruation demonstration' using a Dora the Explorer doll and a squeezy bottle of ketchup. Eventually she goes mad with power and is replaced by Helloflo.

Helloflo sends out tampons, pads and sweets every month as part of a subscription service, which seems an unnecessary and shame-based business model. So the ad does raise the question of whether there's any real need for a service that essentially preys on people who might be embarrassed/ashamed to buy tampons.

But while Helloflo as a service exploits the stigma surrounding lady-parts, their advertisement has really furthered the cause of acknowledging periods exist! Hooray!

Remember Bodyform's hilarious viral video? Well for me, Camp Gyno is carrying on that proud tradition.


I'd love to see more of this! What do you think?




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