Panti Bliss & Katherine Lynch went on The Maury Show in 1998 and were hilarious

Panti Bliss aka The Queen of Ireland aka Rory O’Neill is undoubtedly fabulous. These videos are just a further testament to her great stage presence and infectious sense of humour

In case you didn’t know, Panti appeared on the Maury Povitch show back in 1998 with Irish comedian Katherine Lynch. They featured on on an episode called Please Turn My Daughter Back into My Hunky Son in which drag queens underwent a ‘drag down’.

The two pretended to be brother and sister and staged the entire segment, even making up a story about how Rory as a child ran after a funeral dressed in his mother’s wedding dress.

Allegedly, O’Neill and Lynch, who were and are good friends, just wanted free flights to New York.


The clips are hilarious, especially Katherine’s line that she ‘wishes [Rory] wasn’t her brother’. Check it out:

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