SATC's Berger Recreated THAT Post-it Breakup Note Last Weekend

We all remember that infamous breakup note that cad Jack Berger left Carrie in the last few seasons of Sex and the City.  It even made us dislike Ron Livingston for a while, but then we remembered Office Space and all was right in the world.

While Berger was no Mr Big obviously, or even an Aidan, we were kind of rooting for him there for a bit, and he let us down. He let us all down.

The note in question...

A reporter for Cosmopolitan came across Ron Livingston at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, and was smart enough to ask the actor for a pic with a recreated version of the note in question, to which he kindly obliged.


If you want a reminder as to how it all went down all those years ago, head here. However, the most important part was always the day after debriefing with the gals really wasn't it?

Saying all that though, Berger was the man that made Miranda, and a nation of women realise these famous words...


And we all know what became of that sentence.

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