Top Tips For Women's Wellbeing


When people talk about 'that time of the month' they only mean one thing. It's not the days around pay day. It's never the week that all the bills come at once. It's always when Auntie Flo comes to town. 

We're gonna come right out and say it; it's not the most pleasant of times. We don't exactly look forward to it. But - it's all part of being the wonderous wimmen we are so we'd better just deal with it, right. 

Well, no. Wrong! There's no need to play martyr and just endure the torture of PMS. Why on earth would we do something like that when there are all sorts of ways to alleviate symptoms. 50% of Irish women suffer with severe PMS - three quarters of you have had to take time off work because of it! - and it's a terrible shame that so many ladies just grin (or grimace) and bear it.

Most women expect their period every month and some watch with dread as that X on their calendar gets closer and closer. When you know that you're going to feel moody and tired, that you'll be bloated and sore and that you'll still have to go about your daily life, who can blame you?

There are ways to ease the discomfort. Here are are top five tips of taking care of yourself, not just at that time of month but all month long. 



We are fond of the hot water bottle here. It warms our bed up when we don't feel like turning on the heat and it helps ease the pain of cramps and back pain. Ours is kept from scalding us by being tucked inside a teddy bear. What's yours like? Soaking in a bath is also nice and relaxing. Add some Epsom Salts which are rich in magnesium and can help to reduce water retention, bloating, relieve pain and muscle cramps.



There are some types of food that serve you well. They're great for when you're suffering with PMS symptoms but they're yummy and good for you in general. So, bonus. And dark chocolate makes the list so, extra bonus!

  • chickpeas
  • lentils
  • soybeans
  • spinach
  • quinoa
  • seeds
  • nuts and nut butters
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • dark chocolate (yay!)

And there are certain foods that you should try to avoid. By looking at the list you'll see they're not great for you anyway but we are a little dismayed that ice-cream is on it!

  • sugar
  • salt
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • fast food
  • white bread
  • white pasta
  • ice-cream (aww)  

Exercise & Meditation


It may be the exact opposite of what you feel like doing, but a little light exercise is a winner. To maintain a healthy body daily exercise is a must but we know that around the time of your period the thought of curling up in the foetal position is much more appealing. Trust us when we say that going on a little walk will actually do wonders.

A jaunt in some fresh air will help clear your mind too, which is perfect for if you're feeling anxious or a bit low. Relaxing, meditative exercise like yoga or Tai Chi can help ease cramps and pain.


Woman Sleeping

Sleeping soundly is very important for helping your body recharge and prepare for the next day. Winding down before bedtime is vital. Turn off those electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you plan on turning off the light. Prepare your outfit for the next day and make sure everything you need is in your bag so you know you won't have to fret about those things in the morning. Listen to some nice music, switch off and have sweet dreams!

Krill Oil


Taking a Krill Oil supplement like Cleanmarine® Krill Oil for Women can help PMS. Containing Rosemary Oil, Soy Isoflavones, Vitamin D3 and B Vitamins which target different symptoms and a recent Irish study has revealed that Cleanmarine® Krill Oil for Women may be effective at reducing the most common psychological and physical symptoms of PMS. At the end of the four month trial there was an average 69% improvement of symptoms.

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Cleanmarine® Krill Oil for Women is Available in Health Stores, Pharmacies and online. You can win a year's supply of Cleanmarine for Women at


What's your usual routine around the time of the month we're talking about? Do you find yourself gorging on the foods you should avoid? Are you less stressed after a nice stroll around the park? Do you take a supplement to help with the symptoms of PMS?

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