Poll: How often do you indulge in junk food?

Earlier today, our resident fitness expert Fiona wrote about how important keeping a food diary can be when trying to figure out your daily routine, especially when you are just not reaching the gym goals you set yourself.

We had a bit of a think about this here in Beaut HQ and realised that our food diaries would likely feature chocolate. A lot of chocolate. A helluva lot of chocolate. Some of us gave up chocolate and other junk food for Lent this year but as soon as Easter swung round we were back into the same old bad habits: having something sweet with our elevenses and after lunch and for the afternoon slump because  - what else can you do?!

We're sure we're not alone in our sweet tooth-ness... Or are we? We'd love to know Beaut.ie readers's relationship to 'treats' (and that includes sweets, chocs, fast food, crisps, biscuits, cakes, the lot). Let's get healthy together!


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