The shame revealed - is your holiday packing like mine?

You know the other girls - Emma, Lynnie and xgirl - show you beautiful pictures of their holiday packing and how they crammed in the maximum beauty essentials for the least amount of baggage weight?

My broken shoulder is refusing to heal and another long term condition I have decided to get in  on the act and react with glee (sure why not) and literally cripple me.  So we decided a week in the sun was in order and booked the flights.  Trouble was I had NO TIME to pack.  So I just had to feck everything into the case and hope for the best.

Well what do you know? Despite any worries I had- I'm grand. I forgot my fake tan, but that's no biggie - I can just buy some more.


How do you normally pack? Are you super organised or a bit more, er, ramshackle like me?

Let me know in the comments!

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