Could this hairstyle become The Rachel of 2016?

Now, we don't want to slate anyone's personal style or creativity, but let's just say it would take a very confident person to pull it off. The model was smiling at the end, but dammit if we sense that was a brave face. Someone should give the gal an Oscar.

Hairstyle trends come and go and we've had our fair share of some bad ones (including that old nugget, the accidental mullet) but judging from the online reception, we've a feeling this one won't catch on.


STYLISH CUTQuirky, Stylish and Smooth? Is this a new trend in the making? #StylistLove #ScissorsCut #HairCut

Posted by BarberShapp on Saturday, February 20, 2016


The comments really are the best part.2016-02-22 10_56_21-BarberShapp - STYLISH CUT

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What do you think, edgy and modern or five-year-old let loose with scissors?

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