Ever Had A Job That Sucked Your Soul Dry: What's Your Best Quitting Story?

Sometimes some jobs are just so soul destroying that even in this dire economy you can't bear them for one second longer. Which is why this video resonated with so many people.

This absolute genius made the video of herself dancing to Kanye West's 'Gone' to illustrate to her boss at a video production company that content and quality are as important as quantity and views. Hilariously the viral has also done very nicely for Kanye - since it sparked off massive views on YouTube the single has rocked up into the top 20.

The video starts with the caption "It's 4.30am and I am at work." If anyones ever had a job in which they went above and beyond for people who didn't appreciate them they'll know how this girl feels.

It takes a lot of lady balls to make a video like this! I wonder if Marina had a job to go to when she quit? I also wonder if she had any dance lessons to prepare because those are some serious shapes she's pulling.

The company responded with a video of their own:


Eh! They've kind of stolen her content there - but having a pool on the roof at work must be cool I suppose.

I've never quit a job like this, mostly because I'm a complete and utter chicken, but also out of fear that I'd never work again. This story has a happy ending though - Marina was hired by Queen Latifa after she saw the video. Phew!

What do you think of this ladies efforts? And have you ever quit a job in a spectacular fashion?

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