Red Carpet Spotlight: Oscars 2015 No. 1

Let's have a wee gander at what Oscar Nominated actresses Marion Cotillard (nominated for Two Days, One Night) and Felicity Jones (nominated for The Theory of Everything) have been sashaying about in this awards season, shall we?

Both are known for their quirky sense of style - Marion did turn up to The 2008 Oscars dressed as a magnificent mermaid courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier, after all...

This awards season, Cotillard has been sticking to the white theme (the Critic's Choice Awards), while Jones has definitely been embracing her dark side on several occasions (most notably The Critic's Choice Awards in Dolce & Gabanna and the flurry of nominee luncheons). The one time she did break out a paler hue, at this year's SAGS, she seemed at bit "meh" about the whole scenario.

Our favourite look so far from Felicity has been a more casual affair. Here is what she sported to The Oscars Nominees lunch. It's Dior, it's delightful, and it's like nothing we've seen before. It also looks like it'd keep you warm on a very brisk day, which is always a bonus. Bang on a pair of ice skates and you're set.


As for Marion, here is what she wore to the same event... Funnily enough, it's also Dior. It's like a Muppet is giving birth to Kermit... Still, at least Marion seems happy.

We'll soon be casting a typically cursory glance at Reese Witherspoon and Rosamund Pike. Until then, which Dior guna did it for you?

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