Reese Witherspoon just found out she's Irish and even attempts an Irish accent

Saint Patrick’s Day was only last week so we’re still in a patriotic mood – the timing for this could not be better.

The actress appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show to promote her new TV series Big Little Lies and was excited to reveal something she learned about her ancestry.

“I called your producer on the way here in the car because I was very excited,” she told the talk show host, who is also Irish. “I did one of those genetic testing things and I found out that I'm 63 percent Irish.

“I had no idea. I had no idea! I thought I was Scottish and Welsh. It turns out my parents are just full of s--t, I guess. But now I'm Irish!”

“It just makes so much sense,” she continued. “I'm a really good drinker. I love St. Patrick's Day. Potatoes are delicious. I'm looking forward to meeting all my cousins.”

O'Brien interrupted her to say “No, no—you don't want to meet those people,” but Reese was so excited, she even claimed: “You and I are probably related!” Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…


Reese said the best part of being Irish was getting to use the nation’s unique phraseology: “Now I get to say things like, ‘It's in me genes! I love that Conan' O'Brien; he's such a nice fella.’” Then again she did go on to say to Conan, “You're kind of like a giant leprechaun.”

Well, look Reese, if you’re gonna be one of us now, you need to know something – we hate stereotypes.


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