Sarah Michelle Gellar Posts Instagram Glorious Buffy Montage

We can't quite get our heads around this. It's been TWELVE YEARS since the last ever Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. It's also been eighteen years since it began. Yes, we had to pick our zimmer frames up off the floor too.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who of course played the kick ass vampire slayer for seven seasons, has acknowledged the anniversary on Instagram with this throwback collage below, along with the message; "12 years ago, I said goodbye to a friend. It was an incredible journey that, I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you all for joining me, and continuing to tell her story #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #BTVS"

michelle gellar

While she also sent out this Tweet;


#Neverforget, Buffy fans.

Were you a fan of Buffy and was Angel the original and best Edward Cullen?

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