School girls fight back against sexist uniform rules

For decades, school girls have been given out to over the length of their uniforms; it's just a way of school life, and that's fine. Or is it?

School girls in a New Zealand school were taken aside and told to lower their hemlines, which is all well and good in the grand scheme of things - rules are rules and all that. However, the girls have taken serious issue with the reason they were given why. Apparently, their skirts should fall below the knees to, "keep our girls safe, stop boys from getting ideas and create a good work environment for male staff".

Wait, what?

One of the students, Sade Tuttle, explained to Newshub, "the rules themselves aren't the problem; the problem is when these codes target girls specifically because their bodies are sexual and distracting."


Rules need to be in place in schools, that's a fact, and rules regarding uniforms make sense. As Sade said, the rules aren't the problem; it's the reasoning behind this particular rule that's the problem. This type of rationale is what is keeping the gender gap so wide.

That said, the fact that this school-aged generation is speaking up gives us hope.

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