Kildare has erected Ireland's first 'Otters Crossing' signs

It's just like being in Australia and seeing a 'Kangaroos Crossing' sign! Well, kinda.

The first 'otters crossing' signs in Ireland have been erected in Kildare, on the stretch of the Kilcock to Maynooth Road to warn passing motorists that the little amphibious mammals might be in the area as they move between the Royal Canal and the Rye River.

According to, there are about 12,000 otters in Ireland and "there has been a large number of mortalities on this stretch of road in recent years."

They add: "These protected species, while shy, are often on the move at dusk and dawn and may not be seen by passing cars."


In other words, if you're driving in that part of the country, you otter watch where you're going. (Sorry).


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