Simple hacks to help you fall asleep

Sleep plays an important role in our overall health, one that is often overlooked but is actually incredibly important.

The way you feel during the day depends on how you slept the night before, both mentally and physically.

Lack of sleep can affect you suddenly or it can affect you over time. It can make you susceptible to illness and health issues, and it can also affect your mental health and everyday life.

It can sometimes feel like a vicious circle: the less sleep you get the more anxious you feel, but when you are feeling anxious you find it difficult to fall asleep.

Here are some little tips on how to make falling asleep that little bit easier.



People who have difficulty falling asleep may often feel stressed. Mindfulness and meditation are tools that you can use to destress the body and mind. Yoga can help teach you some useful breathing techniques which you can use just before trying to sleep. Meditation helps you to stay in the present. If practised enough, meditation can help you to calm your thoughts and not to worry about the past or future in a bid to ease you into sleep.

Screen time

Yes, you have heard this one before but the importance of this simple step is incredible. After dinner, put the phone away. Getting into bed and scrolling through social media is about the worst thing you can do if you have trouble falling asleep. The blue light emitted from your screen falsely tells the body it is time to be awake. Avoid screens before bed and watch the difference it makes.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and is commonly used in the practice of meditation and relaxation. Lavender and damask rose are popular and effective in improving sleep quality. Some find it helpful to use an oil diffuser to release essential oils safely into the room to encourage sleep.



If you find your thoughts and worries keep you from getting your much-needed sleep, try journaling. Leave a notepad and pen close to your bed and if a thought is keeping you up, write it down. It will stay out of your head and safely on this piece of paper and you can remind yourself you will tackle it in the morning.

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