Simple tips on how to go to a restaurant and still stay healthy

Sometimes, it's hard to stick to a routine when you're trying to 'be good'. These tips will help you enjoy eating out while staying healthy.

I love eating out with friends and family. It’s a fun way to be social, and I’m a foodie, as you might already know. Many of my clients, however, have to eat out with work sometimes three - four times a week and they ask me for tips on how to do this without hindering their progress.

My main requirements when eating out are: to get a good protein source like fish or meat and lots of veg.

Here are some simple tips to make sure that you enjoy a delicious meal that is as nutritious and healthy as possible.

Try not to arrive at the restaurant overly hungry

It’s the same as when you go to the supermarket hungry; you’ll probably end up getting more than you need. It's harder to make healthy food choices when you get too hungry. If you eat regularly through the day, you shouldn’t feel starved coming up to meal time. If you’re overly hungry try to have a little snack before you go.

Check the menu before you leave home

Most restaurants post their menus on their websites. You can decide before you even arrive what you’re going to order. If you don’t see anything that’s healthy ask whoever you’re meeting if it’s possible to pick another restaurant. If it’s not, don’t stress. I’m sure you will be able to ask for them to make you up something.

Be healthy in restaurant

Say no to the bread basket

My husband and I did this in Spain while eating out every day. It’s so much easier to resist it when it’s not sitting on your table.

Exchange chips for a side of veg or a salad


When it comes to chips, I always ask for a side of veggies instead. Often a side of vegetables in a restaurant is really small so even if they say that it comes with veg, I will ask for extra anyway. Fill up on the good stuff!

Get the sauce on the side 

This way you can decide exactly how much you want on your food.

Skip the dessert

You can always have something when you get home if you want it, like some 70-85% chocolate. That is much better health wise than the often ridiculously sugary deserts that are bought in!

Opt for water instead of sugary soft drinks

If you don't like plain water, try sparkling water with some lemon.

Yes, it can seem boring to stay on track sometimes but for anyone who wants to keep the momentum up and see progress, then these really are winning tips for eating out. And don’t forget, cheat meals and treats are allowed too, it just helps to be aware of how to avoid turning every mean into a cheat if you are looking for results.

Until next time, Fi x

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