One Direction Fans Aren't Exactly Thrilled About Louis' Baby News...

While there has been radio silence via Louis Tomlinson's social media, the twittersphere at large pretty much imploded with the news of the Directioner's impending fatherhood last night. And what they're most upset about, is the demise of 'Larry Stylinson.' Let your mind wander....  And for those unable to let the mind run amok, here are some handy tweets...

Reports are suggesting  that Louis and his "stylist friend" Briana Jungwirth are set to become parents after the obvious happened. Needless to say, the reaction to this news has been, eh, mixed...


So, what about Briana? Are you assuming she's American? Well, the truth of it is, no one knows where she's from, but everyone knows she's "based in LA" and she's also 23-years-old.

A source speaking to Us Weekly had this to offer: "Louis didn’t expect this, but he’s excited for it now. He’s become very close friends with Briana this year (UNDERSTATEMENT) and now they are looking forward to being parents. He’s definitely going to be there and be a great dad for their baby... They aren’t together but are both happy about having a child. They aren’t a couple and the pregnancy is in the very new [stages]. They just found out."


Spare a thought for Louis' long term girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, whom he split from in March after four years together.  She's either really happy or absolutely devo right about now.

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