Stop what you're doing - MacBook now available in rose gold

I am a magpie and an intelligent woman, essentially a bird who likes both shiny and technological items. I wrote this recently about being assertive in the work place and, rightly or wrongly, perception is something that I am always aware of.

Though I will admit that the older I get, honestly, the less I care.

For example, I did an MBA a few years ago and though I desperately wanted to order the bright pink laptop, I restrained myself for fear of being perceived as Elle in Legally Blonde. I ordered a black one and I remain disgusted with myself.

If you want the pink one, order the goddamn pink one.


rose g 2



In any case, as of today, I no longer want the pink one. I want this rose gold MacBook. Look at it.


I'm one of that tribe that loves stationery. Show me a Kate Spade diary and I will show you joy. So if anyone is looking to buy me a gift in the near future, this would be better than all the fluffy pink Elle pens in all the world.

Though just to clarify fluffy pink Elle pens are also welcome.

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