Bend & Snap - Legally Blonde III Could be a Goer!

Reese Witherspoon may be an Oscar winner, but that doesn't stop her from knowing what the public want...

Speaking during a recent interview, the 39-year-old said,"A lot of writers over the years have come up with different ideas for it. I actually think it’s kind of great right now because we’re talking about women in politics and how important that is to get more women... And I think it’d be kind of a cool thing to have [Elle Woods] be a Supreme Court Justice or somebody who runs for office, like president." Understatement.

When asked if something concrete is in the works, Witherspoon responded, "I don't know. Call MGM. I have no idea."

Google the number immediately - we need to know! In the meantime, why not perfect Elle's signature move - it has "83% return on dinner invitations." When used appropriately, of course.


Does the prospect of Legally Blonde III fill you with glee or leave you brimming with 'meh'

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