Surprised by the Top 10 Companies People Want to Escape?

Who doesn't think about leaving their job at some point? There are so many possibilities out there, and the grass actually might be greener in some. There could be more money elsewhere, or less pressure, better hours, a host of things that can be improved upon really.

At this juncture we'd like to point out that these thoughts have never crosses our own minds, as we love and need our jobs quite a lot. Hear that boss? We're good. Ecstatic really!

But the same can't be said for everyone, so UK recruitment agency, Escape The City, decided to compile a list of the companies people would most like to leave, and join, by surveying the young  professionals that use their site. Here's the top 10 for each.

It's worth noting that Escape The City are a company which focuses on younger professionals, many of which feel unfulfilled in the corporate world and wish to take the road less traveled.


This would explain the lack of interest those surveyed had in staying with firms above on the left, and their wishes to join smaller, less conventional companies.

Via QZ

Have you ever had the inkling to jump ship? Have you actually done it before?

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